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Midwinters is a partnership whose partners are Alexis Joy Cassin, Hugh John Oliver Harries and Gareth Nicholas Gregory.
Midwinters is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and its SRA number is 52219.   By clicking on the link, you can access the Professional Code of Conduct  applicable to the Solicitors profession.

Midwinters operates a Complaints Procedure.   Click on Complaints

Midwinters has professional indemnity of £6,000,000.00 in accordance with the Solicitors Indemnity Insurance Rules 2006 through HDI Global Speciality SE and Newline Insurance Company Limited.

The VAT number for Midwinters is 274 8473 22.

Midwinters has published this site in good faith and has taken reasonable care to ensure that the information provided is accurate. However, the information including any articles and publications are for general purposes only.  Neither Midwinters nor any of its partners or staff accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon information and materials appearing on the site or on any linked site unless the matter relied upon have first been confirmed in writing in which case and to the extent that the law permits any liability shall be solely that of the firm.